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Basin directorate - Plovdiv

» Basin directorate is government authority in frame of Ministry of Environment  and  water, which  support  Director of Basin Directorate in his responsibilities, ensure technical his activities and execute administrative services  of citizens and firms.

» Director of Basin Directorate:  
1. identify borders of rivers and lakes – public government property in cooperation  with technical services in municipalities.
2. develop River basin management  plan for the district;
3. give permitions in case written in Water law;
4. plan and take participation in monitoring of water, analyzing including:
а) rainwater levels of surface and groundwater;
b) for chemical and ecological status of water;
c) west water discharges;
5. maintenance special database, maps, registers and information systems for water

6. collect fees for water in his responsibilities to give;
7. develop programs of measures to increase, prevent and maintain status of water;
8. identify surface water for human consumption with approval by regional authorities of Ministry of health;
9. identify water for fish and shellfish;
10. menaging mineral water – public government properties, which are not given on a concession;
11. menaging monitoring sites for water;
12. identify protected areas of drinking sources;
13. approve resources of groundwater except in case of mineral water;
14. calculate water balances except in case of mineral water;
15. lead process of public participation for River basin management plan;
16. seal water measurement equipments  to measure abstracted  water quantities  from groundwater and check using  measurements for abstracted surface water and discharges of waste water;
17. publish periodical bulletin for status of water;
18. create and support database for control activities;
19. organize  taking in use of new wells for groundwater abstraction;
20. cooperation with authorities for basin management  from other countries for managing water in case of international river basins.